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The Founders of Young Polish International Network are Georg Brodach and Karl-Hermann Fink






Georg Brodach


PhD, retired in 2012 as Senior VP, ABB Europe in  Brussels and lives now in Bonn and Paris. Prior to this, he was a Regional Director for Europe with AT&T and held leading positions in the Aerospace Industry, the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and the German Steel Industry. Georg studied law, economics and political sciences at universities in Germany, France and Spain.   

He was born on 4 April 1947 in Hamburg, is married to Suzanne Daspet, a French national, and has one son Frédéric and 2 grandchildren in Luxembourg. Georg has been a member of Tönissteiner  Kreis since 1975 and is founder of YPIN.






Karl-Hermann Fink


PhD, is a former academic, diplomat and entrepreneur and lives in Berlin. In his career he served as Head of Office of German Trade at Berlin Chamber of Commerce & Industry, worked for 16 years at German East-West Trade Committee (Ostausschuß der Deutschen Wirtschaft) and German Federation of Industry (BDI) in Cologne. 

After compulsory military service, Karl-Hermann studied forestry and law at Munich, Freie University Berlin and Göttingen and completed post-doctoral studies at Moscow Lomonossow University and at Yale.

He was born on 1 August 1937 in Polczyn Zdroj (then Bad Polzin) and was married twice. He has 3 children (son in Norway and 2 daughters in Moscow and Cologne) and 6 grandchildren.

He is a co-founder of YPIN and a founding member of German-Russian Forum & Club in Berlin.