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Recruiting: Falenty meetings


Twice a year, YPIN organizes recruitment seminars in Falenty, at the outskirts of Warsaw.
People recommended by other YPIN members or individuals cooperating with our network fulfilling the formal conditions are invited to these seminars. 
So far, out of more than 1315 applicants697 candidates who complied with the formal pre-conditions were invited to take part in one of 31 weekend selection seminars in Warsaw. The seminars featured discussions and debates in German, English and Polish. Among the Speakers, we hosted politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, industry representatives, academics and public officers. Out of 626 invited candidates, 219 (May 2018) have become YPIN members. 
The next recruitment weekends will be held in Falenty in Autumn 2018.  The Board will prepare and run meetings, invite special guests and select the candidates according to their contribution to discussions and their social skills.
If you are interested in joining us, send your CV in English to candidates<@>ypin.pl and we will contact you.
Below you can find more about the Falenty recruting proportions in 2018: